Was the American Revolution a Conservative Movement?
The American Revolution was anything but a conservative movement. Colonists that moved here from Europe were looking to escape their oppressors and hardships that existed in their home countries. During their stay in America, they found that English soldiers were determined to place regulations and taxes on them just as they had in England, if not more so. After years of mistreatment, they decided it was time for change. After many debates and protests, they decided to rebel. They were risking their future and their livelihood. They went up against one of the most feared army's to fight for their freedom.
During our revolt, our country did not experience all of the same problems that other countries had, like in the Spanish and French Revolutions. There was not substantial bloodshed, or destruction of property.Although this revolution was not what some would call a typical rebellion, the effects were massive. The revolution brought about many changes in the American way of life, and government. Americans experienced a new way of life, and a new sense of freedom. This movement was anything but conservative, because without it, life as we know it would be radically different.

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