Throughout history the world has kept the trend of change.The world has broken the proverbial mold time after time.The people of the world have always strived for more, either a single person such as a king or a whole group of revolutionists, the world’s people has always-wanted better lives.This reoccurring theme continues throughout the time period between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.The world changed in many ways, environments changed, and people’s mentalities changed.There were advances in many aspects of life.The globe, as a whole, gradually changed with the discoveries of new worlds.Spain and England lead the pack with the control of the “new world” of North America.England also experienced a different way of ruling, changing from a monarchy to a constitutional system of government.And also the world changed its way of thinking by undergoing the Scientific Revolution.All these advancements have helped in forming the world that we live in now that is the twenty- first century.
Spain and England both successfully conquered the “new world” of North America.Spain controlled the Mexican south, and England had the thirteen colonies of the present day United States.Although they both had land in the same region, that might have been the only comparison that could be made between the two countries.As Spain began to develop new colonies, they would violently exploit the natives of the land.The “new world” posed new opportunities.For the Spanish these opportunities were gold and wealth.
Hernando Cortez was the leader of the Spanish conquering of the Aztec people.He did this in the name of Emperor Charles V.Cortez sent letters to Charles describing the Aztecs as a friendly people that welcomed the Spanish to their land.”About one thousand of the principal citizens came out to meet me…all richly dressed alike according to their fashion…each one in approaching me, and before speaking…

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