There is much controversy about how and why the American Revolutionary war took place.As I studied and pondered this crucial event that took place in our nation’s past, I came to the conclusion that this war contained many battles within. The American Revolutionary war was a war fought for national independence, a civil war, and was caused by a series of events in which the British parliament tried to control the American colonies.
According to John Adams, the American Revolution began before the war even got started.Adams stated that the revolution was “in the minds of the people— and he concluded that the American population began shifting their allegiance from Britain to America because of different outlooks on specific political issues.This radical change, in the minds of the people, helped lead our thirteen colonies into an insoluble conflict with the English.
According to Mary Beth Norton, there had been significant tension between the colonies in America and Britain during 1760’s and 1770’s.As the colonies were divided on “internal— affairs, their focus began to shift onto their relationship with Great Britain.Great Britain was treating the colonists differently from the way it treated Englishmen in England.The colonists saw themselves as Englishmen and came to America with the intention of creating a duplicate of England on the American shores.The colonists insisted on calling themselves Englishmen so that they might claim the same traditional rights that Englishmen in Britain could claim. As the colonists desired to obtain these rights they also began to think of themselves as being different from the people in the mother country.These beliefs, in the American minds began a snowball effect that forever changed the American continent and the struggle to become independent from Britain’s Parliamentary power, was on.Great Britain, however, did not change their way of thinking…

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