The American Revolution brought about many drastic changes. Included were social, political and economic modifications. However not all aspects of colonial life were affected. And not all people benefited from these changes such as women, slaves, and Native Americans.
To begin with, many political changes occurred due to the American Revolution. British control ended and a new government called The Articles of Confederation was formed. A confederation is a loose grouping of states with a weak central government. Because of this the states had power and chose to follow RI and Conn. with a written constitution and a bill of rights. Along with this new government came fewer voting limitations. Now religious qualifications ended and in some states (GA & PA) even property requirements were discontinued. Still for the most part only white property owning men were allowed to vote. And although the North outlawed slavery the South did not. So we see that most people's rights were protected while others were not.
Furthermore major social events also occurred. Many Loyalists fled to Canada leaving their land behind. This led to quarrels between the Americans and British that eventually led to the war of 1812. Religious freedoms also grew during this period and the idea of separation of church and state(an idea that still affects our lives today) was conceived. Human rights grew and the death penalty along with flogging for minor offenses was ended. However women's rights efforts fail in addition to Indians and blacks not being admitted into the American system. Again we see some people benefiting while others remaining unaffected.
The American Revolution also caused economic events. The country grew with its newfound independence. The Northwest Ordinance allowed people to buy more land and large tracts of Western land was sold. New industries developed and manufacturing accelerated. Yet life remained uncha

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