At the end of the French and Indian war, the British lost more in terms of money and supplies than the American did.The Americans were fighting a defensive war because they could win the war without taking any land.From the events that took place throughout the Revolutionary War, the British "lost" the war more than the Americans "won" it.
Britain was in major debt after the French and Indian war, 140 million pounds in debt.They wanted to colonists to help them with the financial costs.The British East India Company was going bankrupt.They enforced many different kinds of taxes on the colonists.The colonists, however, found ways to get around the taxing.Relating to the tea tax, the colonists learned to smuggle tea.The colonists would also protest against the taxes and not pay them.
Protests were very common when it came to the new taxes.Britain taxed the colonies in means of "acts".They tried to tax the colonists to pay for the British military and also for high ranked British officers that were living in the colonies.However, the colonists protested the acts and got Parliament to either lower them or abolish them.Non-importation agreements were used against British goods.These agreements allowed masses of colonists to protest the British.The protests put on by the colonists led to only half of the British goods being imported.
To end the war, the British surrendered at Yorktown on October 19, 1781.The British people wanted the war to be over even though their leader, King George III, wanted to keep fighting.Finally, though, the Treaty of Paris was passed in which Britain now recognized the United States' independence.
Part of the failure of the British was due to colonial unity.The Second Continental Congress was established and all 13 colonies were now represented.Also, there was much violence against the British taxes.For exampl…

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