The statement that the American “Revolution” was more of an “Accelerated Evolution” rather than a Revolution is incorrect.The definition of evolution states that it is a process of growth and change.Although an accelerated evolution may be portrayed during a revolution, it does not emphasize the purpose of the American Revolution.As defined, Revolution is an overthrow of a government, form of government, or social system, with another taking its place; it includes the American Revolution as an example.Although the American Revolution includes growth and change characterized by an “accelerated evolution,” its main purpose was to become independent of England and its government.The colonists opposed the Acts passed by the English Parliament, boycotted British goods, and created the Declaration of Independence to proclaim America’s commitment to break away from England.
The colonists opposed the Acts passed by English Parliament. They resented the tax system, which was especially burdensome on the poor, and the merchants and lawyers who collected debts and harassed farmers. (Zinn) The Sugar Act of 1764 was thefirst Act passed by Parliament to help pay for debt incurred during the French and Indian War.In 1765 the Stamp Act was introduced.It resulted in an outcry of rage. (Canfield) It was followed by many more Acts imposed on the colonies.The origins of the American Revolution were more economical than political.For thefirst time in their 150 year old history, the Americans paid taxes not to their own local legislatures in America, but directly to England. (Prelude to Revolution…)
The colonist boycotted British goods. This was called The Association.America was rich in raw materials. “Yet, America depended on England for manufactured goods until the Non-Importation Act (the Association) was passed by the colonies in 1774; industry then sprang up immediately, and within a year a single Mas

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