The people of the American colonies believed they came to a new world were they could begin a
new life and wouldn't live under the same standards of their mother country, however the mother land
decided to tax and take control of the land and people whom lived in their colonies so they could make
profit and gain more control.The American War for independence was a combined fight resultingunjust
British policies and taxation, ignorance from British authority and the lack of recognition from the British
to American growth.Two main causes of the American Revolution were Britain's failure to
represent a colonial presence within Parliament, and also the revolt of the colonists who hoped to establish
a nation that was free of any foreign influence.
After the French and Indian War in 1763, Great Britain found itself greatly in debt and in need
of financial aid. Therefore, British Parliament decided they would begin taxing colonial America in order
to ease their economic suffering.Not only did they tax imports but also they taxed everything including
things that were grown, made, or built inside the colonies were taxed so that Britain could make even
more of a profit.The parliament disagreed to the act of taxing their "countrymen" to get rid of the debt
from the French and Indian war.Both the Sugar and Townshend Acts lead in boycotts of British
products, tar and feathering of British officials, and in some cases, violence and vandalism. This
retaliation from the American colonists were powered by the fact that there was no colonial representation
within Parliament. The colonists would not support Britain unless they felt like they had a say in what
took place in both their political and social affairs. Yet Britain ignored the colonist's demands, rather they
punished them for revolting by passing the Declaratory and Intolerable Acts.By

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