The French Revolution was one of the most significant turning points in French History. It may not have given France a proper democracy or have given France a good reputation with the Reign of Terror and all the deaths, but it did unify the French people together, which helped them over throw their cruel monarch. But when compared to the American Revolution, the French Revolution would be considered a big circle, with death in various parts of it.
Why did each revolution start? Was it because they needed attention? Or was it because they were bored? Maybe it was it because they weren't being listened to, and they wouldn't take it any more. That sounds a little better than thefirst two. I know that the American Revolution started because there was no representation of the original thirteen colonies and the British taxed them on every minor thing, for example the stamp tax. The French on the other hand started their revolution because they lived in poverty, in hunger, and in a land were the monarch will do nothing about it. As the poor peasants starved, the noblemen and clergy lived comfortable lives and had enough food for them. It sounds as if the French Revolution had a better reason to be started.
Both wars were fought with different strategies that led to there over all victory. During the American Revolution, most standard military procedures were dropped and guerrilla warfare was used. Guerrilla warfare is like a hit and run but without the car and more causalities form the one that was hit. The British during revolution also gave the Americans the home felid advantage and gave them easy targets by wearing their red coats. Also the, Americans had a lot of outside help from Native Americans and the French (Irony).
The French Revolution was fought without very many weapons and a lot of people. There were few guns to be found but there were probably a lot of farming tools like pitchforks and axes maybe even swor…

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