In 1781 the British surrender to the American colonists in Yorktown, Virginia marked the end of a tedious battle fought between England and its colonies.This crusade, known as the America Revolution, bestowed freedom and independence upon the colonists in America.However, before this American victory, the colonists were under Britain's oppressive rule.During the years and months leading up to the American Revolution, the English parliament repeatedly took advantage of the colonists.The parliament imposed numerous regulations and restrictions upon the citizens of colonial America.The colonists were suppressed because their opinion and vote was not taken into account by parliament.In addition, they were not able to exercise their rights, for they could not choose the activities that were to govern their daily lives.Thus, policies like Mercantilism, the Stamp and Quartering Acts, and the Proclamation of 1763 show that the American Revolution was a plight taken upon by the colonists to obtain freedoms that were taken away from them by the authoritative rule of the English government.
One main reason why the colonists fought to demolish English authority in their homeland was because of Britain's mercantilism policy.This policy, used in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, required colonists to supply Britain with raw materials.With this restriction, the colonists were no longer able to posses particular supplies that they needed to yield certain products.Thus, they were forced to buy back finished products from the mother country at high prices.In addition, the mercantilism policy also encompassed a series of Navigation Acts, which were implicated by the English government to restrict colonial trade.Under these acts, the colonies were obligated to ship goods like tobacco and cotton only to England.Also, items shipped from Europe to America had tofirst go through England and then be sent to the…

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