The mass media plays an important role informing the majority of the public of political issues as well as government.Starting with radio then moving on to television allowed campaigners and news to be broadcast to large masses of people.I think for the most part it does perform its role properly, though in some cases they tend to be a little too aggressive.Overall, the reporting of the presidential election covered what it needed to with debates between candidates and details of their campaigns.
Ideological – primarily single issue groups, highly motivated and seeing politics as a means to pursue their one issue.b)Public Interest – groups that make a specific claim to promote the public interest.c)Foreign Policy – groups that organize to promote or oppose certain foreign policies.d)Government – governmental lobbying that represents many cities and states at the state legislature.
Interest groups play an important role to lobby for goals like wage increases, conducting research, and influencing public opinion.
The NAACP is an urban interest group formed because of under representation in state and national legislatures.
forming a political party is a strategy where an interest group forms one to have an advantage over another candidate in an election. b)Cooperative lobbying is where an interest group forms an alliance with another group for a mutual cause.Such as a food group that represents many businesses and trade organizations to fight truth in package legislation.c) Litigation is a method of interest groups where they use the court system to fight for their interest or cause.d) Mass Mailing is a method of interest groups where new technologies such as email, websites, or basic advertising is used to publicize the means of the interest group and to gain people interest and support.
I think the mass mailing is most effective because gaining support by a majority of people is one of the best ways…

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