Americans at the Eve of the Revolution
Prior to the Revolutionary war, early Americans were struggling to find their identity among the rest of the world.As they strived for independence, England began to bear down on the colonies and take away the cherished self-government that tee colonists had enjoyed to this point.The colonists began to band together in a common interest.Independence.The energetic, ambitious, independent-minded colonists were no longer willing to live under English control.Tired of unfair taxation, unequal rights, and unreasonable laws, colonists were ready for change.
The English were in great debt following the French-Indian War along with other military campaigns throughout Europe.In realization that debts needed to be paid, the English immediately looked to the colonies to solve financial burdens.The Parliament soon passed and enforced many laws and taxes to raise money to revive a struggling government.
The colonists who lived in practical freedom now faced a life controlled by selfish monarchs an ocean away.The passing of the Proclamation of 1763, which took hard-earned land from colonists, and the Trade and Navigation Acts, which forced merchants to stop in England en route to their trade destination, greatly disturbed the freedom they had.The Stamp Act of 1765, perhaps the most hated tax the British implemented, had an effect that would progress beyond any reasonable prediction.Led by Samuel Adams, the Stamp Act Congress was formed.This was thefirst cooperation among the colonies.The congress ordered a boycott on all British Goods.England soon revoked the Stamp Act.I believe that this was a huge encouragement for the Americans it their march towards independence.
Many colonists of this time were unhappy with the way England was governing America.The British Statesman, Edmund Burke, greatly empathized with the Americans.D

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