The American Colonists suffered so many grievances because of the British and their tyrannical nature. In my opinion, the Americans had no choice but to break from Britain. The American colonists were justified in waging war and breaking away from Britain by several economic, social, and political issues.
Economically, Britain was without a doubt oppressing the colonists. It can be argued that The Seven Year;s War was primarily responsible for beginning the friction among the British and their American counterparts, but even before the Seven Year;s war had ended, Britain had made their presence as a tyrant by passing the Writs of Assistance, in an attempt to stop American merchants from trading with enemies of the British in the French West Indies. The Writs of Assistance negated the constitutional rights of the colonists and marked the beginning of a lengthy period of time in which the British would force their authorities upon the colonists by a number of unfair means. Two of the most prominent among these are the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts. John Dickinson, a Pennsylvania political who served in the Stamp Act Congress of 1765, wrote once in Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania, ;The Parliament unquestionably possesses a legal authority to regulate the trade of Great Britain and all her colonies. I have looked over every statute…and I find every one of them founded on this principle, till the Stamp Act Administration…Never did the British Parliament [until the passage of the Stamp Act] think of imposing duties in America for the purpose of raising a revenue. [The Townshend Acts claim the authority] to impose duties on these colonies, not for the regulation of trade…but for the single purpose of levying money upon us.; By straining the still developing economy of America for their own economic growth, Britain left America little choice but to break from that oppressive leadership. No matter how great th…

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