This is madness! What's happened to the world? Is everyone gone insane? In a matter of way, this is what happens when you involve yourself in others business, like U.S. does all the freaking time. I don't know if there is one single war they've missed, I'm pretty sure they've been in almost all the wars and conflict all over the world.
I can't understand why they care to involve them self in all of these wars? Maybe they don't want to be left behind? I think this big conflict between America an Osama Bin Laden is in a way kind of childish. Especially this biological warfare they are having now. I really think it's silly, and not to forget cowardly! You're not a real man if you can't meet your enemy face-to-face!
While the physical spread of anthrax has thus far proven fairly limited, the dissemination of its psychic by-product, fear, has been all too successful. In the U.S., a new round of threats continues to test the country's nerves. I'm glad I'm not living in America right now. That can't be very fun right now, with all these threats hanging over their heads.
"The specter of the microscopic spores has sent hundreds of thousands rushing to their doctors' offices and pharmacies, begging for prophylactic antibiotics. Thirteen people are now confirmed to have either been exposed to anthrax or to actually have the disease." Time, 16.10-01

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