According to T.H. Breen the Americans were a part of a British consumer economy in the 18th century.Before America was even established as a country people were buying British goods.The wealthy Americans tried to copy the tastes and styles of the wealthy British.And with the American economy trying to get started it only makes sense that they relied so heavily on the British for economic ties.
The 1740;s were a key year in the American economy.It was during this time that British goods flooded the market.T.H. Breen brings out that, ;By 1772 the Americans were importing British manufactures in record volume.;As a result of the growing number of goods entering the American economy it sparked the Americans to produce more things in order to pay for these goods.They began producing more tobacco, rice, indigo, wheat, fish, and tar.
The products imported by the British in the beginning were mainly purchased by the upper class Americans.But as time went on there were signs of the lower class purchasing items.This shows that it was not a narrow market but rather everyone in America was fueling the British economy by buying their goods.
As America wasfirst starting out there was a definite struggle to get the economy started.The British saw America as an economic gold mine and took full advantage of that.With the Americans; lack of production of certain items, therefore creating a dependency, there was a need for the British items as well as many Americans feeling a need to imitate the British style and luxuries.All in all the Americans played a part of the British consumer economy in the 18th century.

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