Throughout the ages, war has altered and shaped the paths of history.Such carnage and butchery has taken a heavy toll on mankind, but it has, nonetheless, created who we are and the being of our ancestors as well.There will always be disagreements and even conflicts between men, but should the mistakes of the past not be remedied in the present day?The American Revolution clearly made a lasting impression on the world, then and now, but most living in America at the time were not significantly skewed from their previous life.The actual words of the Constitution were not upheld and the structure imagined had yet to take shape throughout the young country.The result was many individuals constantly moving about the land, trying to make the best for their families as they always had, but now with seemingly limitless possibilities.Economically, much had changed, but in people;s day-to-day lives, much was still the same.
Generally, the typical story of the American Revolution is true.A handful of patriots joined forces with military leaders and the newly formed Continental Army and somehow managed to defeat the British army and the United States of America were formed, ensuring liberty and freedom for its inhabitants forever.The main effect of the Revolution was America could now build an economy of its own, which was not an option, but a necessity.A new era of self-sufficiency had begun and there were many options in both manufacturing and agriculture.Thus, individuals could try their hand at a myriad of professions or trades and if talented enough, could become quite successful.Much like a teenager who just left home, America had to start to fend for itself.The economy was quite turbulent, as there was a lack of real control.Companies and trades waxed and waned with homeland demand and as soon as this was diminished, a new venture was taken.
With independence came many opportunities.These money-ma…

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