In this study, I shall follow the protagonists on their journey from innocent people to people filled with hatred. I shall be primarily concerned with the responses, challenges, opportunities and attitudes of the Amerindians, putting special notice on how they were annihilated by the Spanish. The sources we will use we be short accounts by Bartolome de Las Casas and Bartolome Arazans de Orsua. The Amerindians were burned alive, hung, raped and eaten by dogs. The Amerindians' noble and innocent characters led them to be abused by the Spaniards. The Spaniards' greed was the true motivation that led them in the fight against the unarmed, pure at heart, Amerindians.
Bartolome de Las Casas's accounts began approximately one century after Christopher Columbus had discovered the Americas. He arrived at the New World for many reason in common with other conquistadors. Yet later changed his ways and became known as the Defender and Apostle of the Indians, the most controversial figure in the long and troubled history of Spain's American empire. (Bartolome de Las Casas, Short Account in the Destruction of the Indies. Published by Penguin Books 1992. xiii) Bartolome de Las Casas did the only thing he could, he informed everyone in Spain about the massacres that were occurring in the New World.Bartolome de Las Casas was a great man with much valor and what he did will never be forgotten.
Another source that historians can use to demonstrate the difficulties suffered by the Amerindians are the Tales of Potosi.Bartolome Arazans de Orsua wrote Tales of Potosi. He lived in Potosi all of his life and was a witness to all the massacres the Amerindians faced. In these tales we see once again the horrific treatment of the Spaniards towards the Amerindians.We can also see that the Spaniards were nothing more than greedy men with only money as their true motivation. The Spaniards use God's name in their doings but man…

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