2.The current Justices of the Supreme Court are:
John Paul Stevens?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?KFord
David Souter?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?KBush
Ruth Bader Ginsburg?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?KClinton
Stephan Breyer?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?KClinton
Sandra Day O?Connor?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.Reagan
Anthony Kennedy?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K..Reagan
William Rehnquist (CJ)?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.Reagan
Antonin Scalia?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.Reagan
Clarence Thomas?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.Bush
A) Common law ~ Judge-made law that originated in England from decisions shaped according to prevailing custom.Decisions were applied to similar situations and gradually became common to the nation.
B) Statutes ~ laws enacted by legislatures
C) Amicus Curiae ~ a brief (a document containing a legal argument supporting a desired outcome in a particular case) filed by a third party, or amicus curiae (?§friend of the court?) who is not directly involved in the litigation but who has a interest in the outcome of the case.
D) Rule of Four ~ the United States Supreme Court procedure requiring four affirmative votes to hear the case before the full court.
E) Federal Question ~ a question that pertains to the U.S. Constitution, acts of Congress, or treaties.A federal question provides a basis for federal jurisdiction.
F) Senatorial Courtesy ~ In regard to federal district court judgeship nominations, a Senate tradition allowing a Senator of the president?s political party to veto a judicial appointment in his or her state simply be indicating that the appointment is personally not acceptable.At that point the senate me reject the nomination, or the president may withdraw consideration of the nominee.
A) Bicameralism ~ the division of a legislature into two separate assemblies.
B) Casework ~ Personal work for constituents by members of congress.
C) Logrolling ~ A…

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