In the early 1900’s Japan and author by the name of Ogai Mori wrote a novel that reflected a realist romanticism of the late 1800’s Japanese society. This novel, entitled The Wild Geese, enveloped a wide array of characters and stories that, progressively and logically congeal into one major plot. Many characters and themes were constantly introduced through Mori’s simplistic clarity of style. With these themes he reflects the issues of the past society in Japan, particularly involving the treatment and honor of woman. He depicts one woman’s life, Otama, and the circle of men around that intervene all in unique ways that shape her life. Through this process the author builds this passionate and ardent romanticism that diminishes completely with the closing pages of the novel. The major theme revolves mainly within the plane of realistic romanticism. Romance exists between two characters, and realism hinders their bondage.
Throughout thefirst part of the story the author begins his story with hisfirst person point of view. Within this narration, he reveals thefirst theme of romanticism. Mori reveals his character Okada, a young student, very handsome and diligently persistent. He mysteriously comes upon this lady that later transforms into a sort of discrete infatuation. It is not until further in the novel’s progression that we see the woman to possess congruent affection. The author reveals this through insinuating minute proverbs of Okada. For example in the third chapter we discover Okada’s thoughts on the female realm: "She is the woman who makes beauty her sole aim in life so that, with perfect ease, she goes through an elaborate toilet even while the angel of death waits outside her door" (Mori 20). Mori does not, in fact, blatantly disclose Okada’s love for this women. Instead he positions these words as so to bestow these facts without actually physically articulating the essential fact that Okada had feeling…

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