What were the objectives of Nazi domestic policy? How successful were the Nazis in achieving them?
The Nazis had a great deal of domestic policies which had very many effects on the typical German way of life. In simple terms, what the question above asks is two things: one, what the Nazis desired to achieve in Germany, and two, weather or not they were successful.
During the time period from the rise of Hitler to the fall of his proposed empire, the Nazi policies can be placed under a single ideal, the revival of the sense of community. These'volkgesmeinschaft' oriented policies were adopted by the Nazis in order to instill the traditional Germanic ideals of the previous Reich's into the new generation of German people, purify the German race and, through the use of the Jewish peoples, gypsies, homosexuals and other groups as scapegoats, solve the crisis' which Germany faced, creating a more unified Germany and a country and empire which, according to Hitler, "would last one thousand years". In addition to this, the Nazis also desired Germany to become an authoritarian government under Hitler. These policies are all very easily said, but the Nazis had vast problems and obstacles which they faced in order for these plans to be achieved. After they took power, certain individual policies were created and enforced, which attempted to achieve the ideals listed above.
First of all, the Nazis had policies towards the practice of religion, in order to preserve the ideals of the traditional folk Germanic community. The Nazis desired to control the church as well as the state and they signed the concordat with Pope Pious II. The Nazis reasoned with the story of Christ, who was related to the Germans. This was their justification for placing the symbol of Christ, the cross, next to the symbol of Nazism, the swastika, in churches across the entire of Germany.
Secondly, the Nazis were able to create a tr…

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