Slow (Sitting Bull) played a very important role in the Sioux nation.Slow was a very unique person.He did not follow the traditional way of the other Indians.Slow later to become Sitting Bull became one of the greatest and wisest leaders of the Sioux nation.Slow contributed a lot to the Sioux nation as a chief and leader.
Slow was born during the winter of March 1831, on the South bank of Ree River, now called Frand River.He was an only son, and was named Slow because his manner of being.As an infant he would take his time to analyze and study whatever was given to him.As an infant Slow rode on a baby-board on his mothers back.As a toddler, he rode in a basket tied to his mother's pony.At the age of five slow got to ride on the pony's rump behind his mother.Slow would hang on to her belt for safety.By the age of ten he was riding his very own gray pony (Vestal 7-18).
Owning his very own pony gave Slow added freedom.Slow enjoyed riding his pony out in the prairies, and playing games with the other young Indians.He killed hisfirst buffalo at the age of ten.This was considered to be very young."Though born a male, he as yet rated no better than a woman"(Vestal 6).Slow was strong and courageous, but of no great height for his age (Vestal 7).
Slow lived some of the last carefree years left to the Indians.He grew up in a life of complete freedom; no duties or work was expected of a growing boy.At night Slow and the other young Indians would sit around a campfire and listen to their elders tell tribal stories of the past. Their he would learn everything he would need to know about being a brave warrior, which was expect of Slow (O'Connor 17).
Several years before Slow rode with a war party, he had to touch a bloody body of an enemy that had been killed in his camp.Slow was not at all hesitant to prove that he was not afraid of death.He proceeded to touch the bod…

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