You gasp for air as you run to take cover behind a tree. You slump against the rough bark to gather your energy for the next wave of soldiers. As you place your hand on the moist soil, you feel a cool liquid swallow your hand. You look down and glance at a pool of blood, in the center lay a lifeless young boy, whose life was tragically cut short. In America's rode to becoming a unified nation, an inevitable war broke out. The Civil War, which contained one of bloodiest one-day battles, resulted in over 620,000 deaths not including African Americans, in a span of four years. This war was not the cause of one conflict but many over numerous years.
The major cause of the Civil War was due to the different opinions on slavery. The Northern states, which soon became the Union, believed slavery was inhuman, while the Southern states, which seceded from the United States and became the Confederacy, believed that it was their right to have slaves. Harriet Beecher Stowe, a freed African American woman, wrote a book Uncle Tom's Cabin. This book was about a horrible slave owner who beat his slaves. This started a commotion in the South. Slave owners began denying allegations of the mistreatment of their slaves. A heated debate began between the North and South. The North saying that slavery should be abolished, that the mistreatment has gone on long enough, and the South still denying and wanting. The quarrels between the North and South led to many short-term resolutions.
One of these resolutions was the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise allowed Missouri to enter the United States as a slave state, and Maine as a free state, to maintain the slave to free state balance. The only problem with this idea was that years later, Americans would want to expand and move west. While moving west, their ideas and beliefs would follow. Thus the struggle to maintain slave to free state balance would become an even larger dilemma.

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