America, with excellent economical bases and a strong government, is a place where golden opportunities are flowing everywhere in the air, and a country where everyone dreams to live.But the most important of all, America has offered a different life style, the life style where other countries do not provide.Not only that America has the freedom given to all persons, but also it is the only land that marks "all men are created equal", an eminent phrase from the famous Declaration of Independence that our third US President Thomas Jefferson had written two-hundred-twenty-three years ago, which guarantees the equality and unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all humans.Since the freedom and the equality, that avail in America, are what most humans have been searched for, therefore these advantages are also the reasons why so many people have desired to live on this land called America.
Nowadays, love of liberty is the predominant feeling of many people.It is of paramount importance that humans should fight for their liberty because "all men are created equal," therefore all humans deserve freedom, liberty, and equality.That was what our forefathers did, they fought for their liberty and freedom against the "Red Coat" British soldiers.This was one of the most glorious and important wars in American history, the Revolutionary War.The American colonies declared their independence from Britain; and the veryfirst time of working together, trying to achieve the same goal, the thirteen colonies, with France on their side aiding during the war, defeated British and received their freedom and liberty.
"The American Revolution is the central event in American history, it marks also the beginning of the distinctively modern period in world history."Many historians declared that the Revolutionary War was an unavoidable war because there we…

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