According to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, men used women both positively and negatively.From my understanding of the book "Good Wives" there were more negative then positive ways of how men used women between 1650 and 1750 in Northern New England.Here I will briefly explain the one and only positive aspect followed by the negative aspects. I will also express my opin-ion of the relationships between men and women during this time period, whether they were positive or negative.
The one and only positive way men (husbands) used women (wives) were as Deputy Husbands.A Deputy Husband would stand in the place of her husband in his absence or if he were unable to perform his duties."Some wives were servile, some were shrews, others were respected compan-ions who shared the authority of their spouses in the management of family affairs" (p. 38).In performing her husband's duties, a wife not only gained the respect of her husband, but she also gained his trust as well.As a consort ("a consort tuned her life to her mate's" (p. 9)), a wife would be aware that in strengthening her husband's business affairs she strengthened her own.
Thefirst negative aspect of how men used women was as Christians.Being a Christian was not negative, but how women were treated in the Church was negative."A Christian seized spiritual equality and remained silent in the church.Among the Congregationalist majority in New England, women could sign the covenant, enlarge the scriptures, write and even publish, but only among the Quakers could they hold office or preach in mixed assemblies" (p. 9).In others words women were the majority in the church and as the majority they were allowed to "sign the covenant" and "enlarge the scriptures", but they weren't allowed to "hold office" or "preach".Women weren't even allowed to sit on the main floor …

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