Andrei Stepanovich Arzhilovsky "was accused of counter revolutionary agitation" (Arzhilovsky p.112) as a result his diary was analyzed by the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) which resulted in Arzhilovsky's execution. According to the NKVD the parts of the diary which were underlined showed his counter-revolutionary activities. He writes about his life in jail, his life after his release and his views as well as his fears about the Russian Revolution and the Communist Party.
One of the veryfirst things that the NKVD underlined was when Arzhilovsky talked about Grandma Darya telling fairy tale stories to the kids. He states that it is important to treasure stories that are told by older people and that Grandma Darya is someone who should be prized because there aren't many people "who can remember life as it used to be."( Arzhilovsky p.114) One of the goals of the Socialist parties in Russia was to make people forget about how it used to be. Tradition wasn't as important as a new society with different institutions that revolved around the communist mind set. Arzhilovsky wants those stories to live on and to remind him of the past because he understood that the society was better off without the communist's ruling.
An important part of Arzhilovsky's diary which was underlined and analyzed, was about Arzilovsky trying to get early released from jail. He disagreed with the courts and judges behavior in releasing murderers as well as thieves instead of releasing the people who committed the crime of being counter-revolutionary activists. He mentions that the judge and the prosecutor's facial expression changed once they got to him and saw that it was about Article 58. This showed the NKVD that he was against the laws and against the judging of the Socialist Party.
Andrei Stepanovich Arzhilovsky states "When will they r

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