Analysis of "Soviet Agents Plotting to Ruin Unity, Defenses of Americas"
In June of 1950, Will Lissner wrote an informative article on the Soviets' plan to break the American defenses via Central America, more specifically Guatemala.Lissner's article presents these Soviet diplomats as having a foot in the door in America's homeland, in the "inevitable" war.The war this refers to is the one the Soviets were patiently awaiting to wage with America and its Allies.
Lissner starts immediately creating a dark cloud regarding the Soviet regime.He states that they are "…penetrating into American defenses in the strategic Panama Canal region, and shattering continental unity."The reason for this is that the Soviets will have broken our lines before they were formed in the "inevitable war" that they talk about.He talks about the Soviets starting Communist rallies, depicting them as hostile, devious, and conniving people who have but one thing in mind, which is turning these people against their country.
This piece is only thefirst of "six dispatches on Soviet penetration," simply showing that the Communist party in this Central American ally of ours is not only a wrong-doing political party, but in fact is an extension of the Soviet Government itself, having intensions of reaching into a country's political system and gaining power.Lissner wants to show that should the Soviets, through their Communist party, gain political influence in a Republic in Central America, what could/ would they do with it?
Lastly, I would like to note that this article appears on the front page of the New York Times, the most widely circulated paper in the U.S. This six part series will demonstrate the possible dangers to a Republic, where a Communist party is allowed to exist.Surely any American who reads this article may be tempted to make the connection that a Commun…

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