Eugene Joseph McCarthy served his country in a wide variety of ways. Although not his most historically remebered achievement, McCarthy was in attendance in the foreign relations committee that would decide the fate of several thousand America soldiers. He voted like most of his colleges, in an almost unanimous decision, in favor of the Golf of Tokin Resolution.
Eugene McCarthy was born in Watkins, Minnesota. After a rather uneventful childhood, McCarthy was taught at the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul in his home state. McCarthy entered politics as a Democrat. He served five terms in the US House of Representatives from 1949 to 1959. In 1959 he left the house and became a Senator. It was not long before he had gained a reputation for being an intense liberal. In 1964 McCarthy voted in favor of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution but in 1966 he began a series of speeches in opposition to President Johnson’s policy in Vietnam. The next year, he became a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. He ran on a platform of supporting a negotiated peace in Vietnam. His campaign was well received among college student which lead to him doing very well in the primaries. McCarthy lost the nomination to Hubert Humphrey. After the crushing defeat McCarthy retired from the Senate in 1971. He then returned to hisfirst love, teaching. Attempting to reenter politics, he ran independently for President in 1976 and ran in a Senate primary in 1982, but was unsuccessful in both attempts.
America has been struck a terrible blow from the communists in North Vietnam. Only a few days ago the USS was struck by North Vietnamese torpedos.
Americas position in Vietnam began shortly after the second world war. Vietnam was a French colony until the war began. It was subsequently taken by the Japanese when the fighting began. Before the war ended the Veitminh had formed, under the command of Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam and even helped the Americans…

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