In response to the questions to consider, Spain had many positive opportunities come about from the voyage of Christopher Columbus. One major thing was the fact that they now could brag about their discovery of America for all time, as we know it. Even today they think that America is the way it is because of them. (I spent 2 long years there)But more realistically, they gained territory for their church. One of thefirst things done in the New World was work of conversion to the » heathens » to Christianity. Columbus, although being Portuguese, gave all of the countries a Spanish name to pay respect to the country that made his voyage possible. The major plans of Columbus for this new found and mysterious breed was of course to convert the people to their ” holy faith ” as he puts it.
One of thefirst things that the Indians did when they saw Columbus was bow down to him and give him drinks, food and other gifts. Their reasoning for doing such was because they thought Columbus was the “Man from Heaven “. Little did they know he was a mere explorer and trespasser that would bring them bad fortune and many diseases along with power-hungry Anglo-Saxon Englishmen. However, the Europeans set forth the groundwork for a more productive people that would help the world advance immensely in the years to come.
Columbus also talks of the geographical location and climate. One remark where he refers to the power of the sun in this area demonstrates that where he comes from is not quite as hot and was quite a change for he and his crew.

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