Many of the Indians of eastern North America lived in villages.They hunted and farmed, growing such crops as maize (corn), beans, and squash.Trading was also an important activity.The Indians learned much from one another as they exchanged goods and shared ideas and experiences.Throughout the Americas, goods were traded along routes that existed thousands of years before the Europeans arrived.Native Americans used powwows and rituals, as part of their culture, to gain support from their Gods in activities from hunting to rain.
During the Age of Discovery, Native Americans' economy was based upon trade, climate, and relationships.If hunting was good they would have good economy through trade and use of animals.It worked the same way as climate.If it rained plenty, they could grow more crops to support more people.If they were all friendly to each other they could trade together and experience these advancements in economy.
The Settlers and explorers had much different ways of life.Settlers often built permanent shelters made of brick or wood.The explorers had giant camps with tents.They did share characteristics of natives like telling stories and drinking liquor. They, on the other hand, believed in one God, and wanted to spread their beliefs.They also didn't hunt and do things under orders and ruled of Gods, but to please themselves.
The conquistadors, especially, had an economy based on what they took from others and what they achieved.The French settlers and explorers only wanted furs and pelts so they made partnerships with the Natives to get what they wanted.
Warfare increased greatly in all areas after the Europeans came.It became the main way of settling disputes between the Indians and the whites.The Europeans adopted the Indian style of warfare–ambush, surprise attack, and quick withdrawal, they often call this Guerrilla warfare.Later, the Indians began to use the Euro…

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