The word anarchy comes from the Greek term meaning without a government. Anarchy is a form of government in which there is no government. The people under an anarchy have no rules or anyone to tell them what they can or can't do. An anarchist is someone how believes in an anarchy form of government and does acts to bring about this form of government.
The anarchist movement came about under the leadership of Mikhail Bakunin in the 1800's. He wrote many books about anarchism such as Appeal to the Slavs, Revolutionary Catechism, and What is Authority. One of his most famous quotes is: “The urge to destroy is a also a creative urge.” Mikhail is believed to be one of the strongest believers in anarchism. He spent most of his life trying to gather people to revolt against the Russian Government. Mikhail believed that organized religion and centralized government were false and rejected their values. He believed in each community to rule itself. He stated that “labor must be the sole base of human right and the economic organization of the state.”He often used violence and terrorism to bring about revolution, which is still very common with anarchist today. He believed that amidst the ruins of the old government would form a new society in which anarchy would reign peacefully. He renounced the upper wealthy class of people and urged the peasants to unite together and over throw the higher class. Most of his philosophies are the bases of many anarchists beliefs still today.
Another famous anarchist is Pierre Joseph Proudhon a Frenchman known as the father of anarchy. He started thefirst massive anarchist movement. He led Frenchmen to over throw the Spanish government. He urged the voluntary cooperation of people without any regulations or government. The French Army defeated him and his followers but his philosophies still live on.
The most recent anarchist movement is going on in Albania. In whi

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