The Mystery of Grand Duchess Anastasia
Throughout time and the world, there have been many puzzling mysteries. One of the most puzzling mysteries of its century was the mystery ofAnastasia of Russia. For many years scholars have tried to figure out what happened to her. They thought she may be alive, and many people thought they found her at some points. However it turns out there have been many " Anastasias," but Anna Anderson was the most believed.
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevana was born on June, 18 1901 at the Farm Palace in the Alexandria Park Peterhof. Her parents were the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his wife Alexandra. Anastasia had three older sisters, Olga, Tatiana, and Marie. She had only one brother Alexei who was born in 1904. Alexei suffered from Hemophilia, a disorder in which the blood did not clot properly, causing internal bleeding. Only a few people knew about Alexei's disorder. Anastasia was the youngest and most intelligent of the Tsar's daughters. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. She enjoyed practical jokes, but also had a gentle side towards her 2 dogs, Shipka and Jemmy. Anastasia and her sisters spoke English and Russian, they were also taught other languages. During the Revolution Nicholas had taken command of the army, and on March 15 1917 he was forced to abdicate. At this time Anastasia and her siblings were suffering from the measles, while they went to bed the palace was taken over by soldiers. The imperial family were now prisoners. They had little peace during their time of captivity. They eventually moved to Siberia, where there were rude guards. Anastasia and her sisters could not even lock their bedroom at night and guards even followed them to the bathroom. Later they were taken to the Impatiev house, "house of special purpose". On the night of July 16, 1918 the family was awakened and taken to the cellar; they thought they would be photograp…

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