Ancient Civilizations: Are they so Ancient?
Throughout history, there have been many things to indicate why contemporary events occur.Not Nostradamus like predictions, merely the fact that current events have occurred many years ago in one form or another.These are issues such as warfare, oppression of women, and empire building.If one were to look at each one of these issues, they would find that each one was present in some or all of the different ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China.That is no surprise being that these societies are seen as so primitive.What is really going to bother you is that we still see all of these issues in our civilization today in one form or another.That is why the connection has been made between the previously mentioned societies with today's society.That is also why similar events may occur today that occurred thousands of years ago.There are plenty of great examples to be shown of how our society resembles that of the ancient societies.There is one myth that comes from the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia that really gives great insight on the way they lived their every day life.The myth is called Gilgamesh.There is also a great book that lets us in to the ancient civilization of China called "The Way of Chuang Tzu."There are also some great examples in many different textbooks about Ancient Egypt and it's glories and hardships.Those are just a couple of examples that show what it was like to be alive at those times.The relationship between the way in which we live today, and the way in which these ancient civilizations lived will be shown through these examples.Going even further, Warfare, oppression of women, and empire building of the past will be compared and contrasted to the ways in which it is seen today.
It seems as though the terms Warfare and Humans go hand in hand.At least one wouldn't hesitate to thin…

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