The primary objective of Business 0001 is to help students to become better acquainted with the University of Pittsburgh, and the city as a whole.Through this cultural assignment I decided to take use of the facilities offered by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.I used my University identification to gain free access to all exhibits, but decided to concentrate my observations toward the Egyptian exhibit at the museum.Atfirst, attending the museum seemed like a lackluster experience that would provide little benefit to my overall understanding of others cultures.After attending this exhibit I left with an enriched knowledge and a greater love of natural and cultural history.I intended on giving the exhibit a quick walkthrough and then writing a paper based on the little understanding that I received from my visit.But as I began reading the informational plaques and looking at the wonderful recreations of typical Egyptian items, I became more interested in the exhibit and the culture as a whole.In the end, I ended up exploring the exhibit for an hour and a half and found myself wanting to know more about the ancient Egyptian societies.
The parts of the exhibit that drew most of my interest were the visual displays of old ruins from the Egyptian society.The casket of King Tututankamun was by far the focal point of the exhibit.I learned about how the Egyptians spirituality was relflected upon the burial rituals and how it overlapped to the afterlife.The mold of King Tut's coffin also gave insight into the mummification techniques used by the ancient Egyptians.These techniques proved to some of the most advanced mummification techniques in the world.This is due in part because many of the mummified bodies of the Egyptians are still intact today.Another display that drew my interest was that of the long Egyptian war ship.The additional information underneath the ship helped for mu

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