I've just begun my journey home, however I can't wait to tell you all that I've seen and done.As I crossed the Athenian plain, my eyes were drawn to the three hundred fifty foot summit of the mighty acropolis (Tozer 247). I must say that until I got into Athens itself I thought I'd made a terrible mistake coming in the summer.Outside of the city it is oppressively hot and humid, however as I entered the city I began to feel the cool sea breezes (Garland 22).
I walked through the town to see the craftsmen at work, such statues they make. Absolute perfection, every muscle clearly defined like Apollo himself (Birch).Many of the craftsmen had recently finished working on pieces for the Parthenon.Theypainstakingly depicted the myths and history of Athena as well as Athens.On the east pediment is the depiction of Athena's birth.On the west is the battle between Poseidon and Athena for control of Athens. The statue of Athena is an object of unparalleled beauty; her face, arms, and feet are veneered in ivory, her clothing thickly plated in gold, and her eyes inlaid with precious stones (Woodford 39).While the sculpture is the best I've seen, I must mention the architecture of the building itself.The size is overwhelming, as it is one hundred one feet and four inches wide, two hundred twenty-eight feet and one inch long. There are eight columns on each end and seventeen across it's sides.Each column is six feet and three inches in diameter, thirty-four feet and three inches in height (Woodford 17).There is a well blended mix of doric as well as ionic elements (Pomeroy et al 275).The acropolis is a sight to behold, Athens truly is a great city.
The agora is filled with many different shops.There are bankers' tables, booksellers, wholesale merchants, you can get all the necessities here (Pomeroy et al 283).I was so hungry by this time I stopped and got some …

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