Ancient Greece, being literally on mountains, or mostly rocky terrain, was mostly made up of city-states, but even though they were all part of Greece, they weren't all the same. Other city-states such as Corinth, Argos, and Megara, even though they disliked each other as well, despised Athenians and Spartans, but mainly because they were jealous. Corinth was an agricultural city-state that was proud of its glorious history as a culture and a trade center, as well as the fact that it created its own coinage. Argos was known very well by the other city-states for its detailed stone sculptures as well as entertainment, especially open-air theatre productions. Megara was envied by the other city-states for its textiles, but they maintained high achievements in school as well as business.
Both Sparta and Athens were Greek city-states. They probably were the most powerful city-states of Ancient Greece, and yet they hated each other. Sparta was a strict military ruled city-state where the people established themselves as a military power early, and they lived by the idea that they should do whatever it takes to win. However, Athens was more of a political city-state that was more involved with their economical stature than their military forces. Athenians were also more educated; therefore they thought that they had intellectual superiority over the other city-states.
Spartans established a strict and brutal system of control. The Spartan government had two kings and a council of elders who advised the monarchs. An assembly made up of all citizens approved all major decisions. From child-hood, a Spartan prepared to be part of the military. All newborn were examined and the healthy lived and the sickly were left to die. Spartans wanted future soldiers or mothers of soldiers to be healthy. At the age of seven, boys trained for a lifetime in the Spartan military. They moved to the barracks and endured brutal and extensive training….

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