Information of importance in the video were the different forms of government Rome had in contrast to the one we have. Oligarchy, which is rule by few.Monarchy, which is a government headed by a king. Anarchy, which is lack of government. Finally, Republic, which a government chosen by the people. The changes in government helped the Roman Empire finally grow, when they became republic, which is the government we practice today.Aside from the Romans building governments and city-states, they built massive coliseums. Coliseums provided entertainment for the people, in forms of mock naval battles and plays. Events could last from sun up to sunrise.These magnificent coliseums could hold up to 50,000 people. Covers could be placed upon the top of the coliseum if the weather became inclement. Great people of this time included great historians. Thucydides and Herodotus were the earliest forms of historians. First, Thucydides is considered thefirst scientific historian who studied the causes and effects of war. He had an intense understanding of the art of warfare and human nature. Herodotus, born in a city inside Asia Minor, is considered to be thefirst European writer to analyze historical events. The most significant person of that era, was Octavian Augustus or to his people, "the revered one". He ruled on the Roman Empire throne from 31 B.C to 14 A.D. Augustus ruled with a strong hand, he set up a government(thefirst of its kind) to contain a co-ruler and a senate.He also had a check and balance system on the upper class, which was the senate, so that money would not be wasted frivolously.
He also had strict legislation on crimes that today are punishable with prison time, such as adultery and rape. Augustus is by far the most influential Roman Emperor who has inspired and helped us shape our own government of today.

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