The evolution and the development of the Greek Society to the level of Classical Greece can be divided into three major periods: Bronze Age, Dark Age and the Archaic Age. And each of the above stages is characterized by its social organization, religion, economic and political developments and innovations and the ability to endure and withstand foreign raids and invasions.
In the late part of the early Bronze Agethe rapid population growth on the island of Crete and later on the mainland Greece gave rise to the Minoan and later Mycenaean civilizations. Thefirst population in Greece that spoke Greek were Mycenaeans, however before the rise of their civilization Minoan civilization already flourished on the island of Crete. Through evolution of their civilization Minoans became advanced in metallurgical technology , architecture and art. Through their redistributive economy, complex agriculture and seaborne trade Minoans became very prosperous. They were also responsible for the appearance offirst writing in Greek world (Linear A). Minoans had very peaceful society and development of the military was not their priority. Thus, with the development of metallurgya and economy on the mainland Greece the Mycenaean civilization started to rise and by the middle of the Bronze Age they took over Crete and the main palace at Knossos. Minoan civilization had a great influence on the Mycenaeans and Mycenaeansadapted a lot of Minoan traditions including those of foreign trade and intercultural contact and redistributive economy. Mycnaeans stressed military excellence and development and war was the primary concern of men who could afford expensive bronze armour. Moreover, swords, shields and other weapons were the symbol of power and status in the society.They also built huge monumental structures and strong fortifications or citadels. Mycenaeans formed an elite and chieftain-level society that was ruled by p…

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