Ancient Greek culture is much different from modern American culture, but they
both have some similarities also.Americans developed some things from the Greek
culture; like concepts of math and science, democracy, and also the modern view of
beauty.Modern American culture has learned a lot from the Greeks and use a lot of what
The differences between American culture and Greek culture is that the Greek
culture developed things before the Americans did.The American culture acted different
towards different types of subjects and people.For example the Greeks had a
government way before the Americans did.The Americans saw that the Greeks were
well managed people, so they developed a government for themselves.Modern
American culture now has a well-rounded government which we learned and developed
from the Greek culture.The Greeks also had the Olympics in Greece before the
Americans could.Modern America holds the Olympics here every two years mostly,
another thing that the Americans presented because of the Greeks.The differences
between the two cultures are that one learned more things before the other.The Greek
culture was developed before the American, but now the American culture is more
In ancient Greek the men treated the women different too.Such as in the Iliad,
the Greek men were trying to kidnap women that they thought she was pretty or they
would take them just to punish another Greek.Unlike modern American culture which
has respect for women and think of them as equal to men.Women work in modern
American culture and can support themselves, unlike Greek culture where women did
not work and the men supported them.Women did not live by themselves and support
themselves.Today in modern society women can depend on themselves to make a

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