"Ancient Mexico, an overview," by Jaime Litvak King is a book about the history about Mexico. She begins the book with the very beginnings of Mexican civilization and through all the hardships the Indians had to endure with the invasion of Spanish conquistadors and Hernan Cortes.
In my opinion the importance of the history is tremendous. As a native Mexican, Ipersonally was fascinated with the history of my people and my heritage. Being part Aztec, learning the history ofthe Aztec Indians was the most beneficial to me.
The subject matters of certain chapters in the book were quite interesting. As stated earlier, being part Aztec, the chapters concerning the Aztec Indians were the most influential chapters. Atthe same time, learning about the other cultures that intermingled with my ancestors was just as exciting.King goes into great detail concerning ancient artifacts that help date the numerous societies that roamed the land. " The Olmec built thefirst pyramid in Ancient Mexico, sometime around 1000 B.C."
King continues to go into specifics about the different cities throughout the Aztec empire. She going into greater detail about Teotihuacan, a city where there are two large pyramids, one for the moon and the other for the sun. "In its time, from about A.D. 100 to 750, Teotihuacan was the undisputed center of Mesoamerican life. In its heyday it was the largest city in the world, not just in Mesoamerica."Other cities included, Monte Alban, Tikal, and Palenque.
The pottery of the different Mesoamerican cultures also plays a large part in King's book. She shows pictures of pottery and figurines found in almost every major civilization throughout the Mesoamerican region. She talks about the different styles used and how each area had a very unique form which varied in color, graphics, and materials used. " Its pottery, a thin orange ware and a brown, cylindrical, stick-…

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