The founding of Rome began in 753 BC.The establishment of the Roman Republic occurred in 509 BC and lasted 500 years, during which time Julius Caesar was one of the rulers.Emperor Augustus brought Rome out of the Republic and unified ancient Italy. Rome was founded in 753 BC during which powerful kings ruled.The Romans descended from primitive tribes who had migrated from central Europe into the fertile plains of Italy about 1000 They spoke Latin and called themselves by the same name. Different tribes and people were in Italy and they spoke just as many different languages and dialects. In the beginning, Rome was ruled by kings.However, the power of the kings was challenged and the monarchy lasted only until 509 BC.At this time Tarquin the Proud was expelled due to his immense unpopularity and the Republic was then born This new government was run by elected officials. During the 500 years of the Roman Republic the Roman armies conquered many neighboring peoples.By 264 BC, the Romans controlled all of Italy The people of Rome were proud and patriotic during the Roman Republic time period.Julius Caesar was one of the strongest generals.Caesar's achievements in war were nothing less than spectacular Caesar believed that a dictator could rule Rome more orderly. He planned to transform the Roman state, but the few years in power prior to his assassination were insufficient.After many years of unrest, Caesar's grand-nephew and adopted son, Octavian, became the new leader of Rome.
Octavian, who took the name Augustus, ruled as emperor from 27 BC to AD 14. Like Caesar, Octavian believed that Rome needed the order, guidance, and stability of one able and well-meaning ruler However, he did not come out and say he wanted to be dictator, instead he encouraged the election of public officials.It was his vision to develop a strong government under which the empire could survive. Augus

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