Robert Payne, Ancient Rome. New York: American Press, 1970.
Robert Payne (1911-1983) was born in Saltash, county of Cornwall, England.His love for writing began when he reported the battle the battle of Changsha for the London Times.Payne was best known for his many critically acclaimed biographies. His subjects included Charlie Chaplin, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Gandhi, Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, George G. Marshall and many more. He thoroughly researched his subjects met with several of them and often traveled to retrace their steps (Stony Brook 1997).
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Payne insists that Italy was a tough and unforgiving land yet often sought after for its beauty and inviting climate by neighboring civilizations.Italy had much to offer the inhabitants of nearby lands and tribes, it provided " . . . a temperate climate, good pasturage, ample timber, and a strategic position with eventual promise of raid of trade" (Payne 1970, 2).
Throughout the book Payne develops the history of Italy and leads into the ancient Roman civilization.The Etruscan people, ancient inhabitants of the peninsula were explained and described in detail.Etruscan early history is unsure and often theorized by scholars as to their origins.Payne describes their life giving a telling understanding of the Etruscan times.The history of the Etruscan people is important to understand because the stories and legends provide insight to ancient life and traditions that trickled down to the Roman civilization.
Payne attempts to relate the world with Etruscan life through examples of words and traditions still common today.Examples of such relations include the word for actor is persona or phersu, which is more correctly the word used for a mask.Etruscans used the word cupe or in English, "cup," nefis mean

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