During the time of ancient Egypt there lived many civilizations similar to the Egyptians. One
of them being the Sumerians. This civilization lived in Western Asia in a place called Sumer. The people of Sumer had accomplished many things such as writing, a form of religion, and architecture. The type of writing the Sumerians used was called Cuneiform meaning " wedged " cuneus.
Cuneiform, like hieroglyphics was made up of symbols and markings. Unlike the Egyptians though, the Sumerians didn't use papyrus to record their writing because papyrus did not grow in their environment. Instead they used sharp sticks called stylus to make their markings on soft clay, which would then dry. This method had it's advantages because the writing would last longer and permanent.
Like the Egyptians the Sumerians believed in polytheism, the belief in many gods. These gods resembled humans and like humans, Sumerians believed that the gods at one point suffered from human emotions: love, lust, hatred, anger and regret. They believed that the gods thought their biggest regret was the creation of human life. As a punishment these gods would send floods, which would destroy the Sumerians crops. Since the gods were unpredictable the Sumerians created astrology, which helped them predict what moves the gods, were going to make next. Sumerians did not believe in punishment or reward after death like the Egyptians did they believed that they
Would live in a shadowy under world.
The Sumerians had structures of worship called ziggurats. Ziggurats resembled Egyptian pyramids but were not used to burry people. A ziggurat where built in layer and on the tope layer there was a shine in which the people of the civilization went to worship the god that they believed in. On these ziggurats there were paintings of stories about the gods themselves. The Sumerians might have been trying to build a bridge between heaven and earth (Eimen and Rober…

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