Andrew Jackson's Reign as President
Andrew Jackson radically changed democracy in U.S. to what it is today.Although he was thefirst president to active role in the government doesn't mean he was an effective president.His actions and policies may have been successful short term, but his actions and his refusal on other issues had a ripple effect I history which can not be over looked.Andrew Jackson was not inadequate president, but he was an unsuccessful president in his actions and policies.
Jackson changed democracy as was known at the time, he and his associates comprised what is notorious today as "dirty politics".The masses were starting to come out to vote, and it was increasingly essential to win by any means necessary.The spoils system was implemented under Jackson, which is a way to make sure you can have a greater control of the government.Jackson tried to replace civil service workers in the government with people under his control, in doing, removing possible opponents to his policies. This greatly increased the risk of possible failure in the government, by putting incompetent, illiterate, and unfit people in positions just because he is a supporter of Jackson.
Under the change called Jacksonian Democracy, the way elections were, was transformed greatly.Elections became big, over 78 % of population voted, and negative campaigning was initiated during his campaign, this is something, which unfortunately is still felt today.This hurts the nation because they don't debate the issues and policies, but slander each other.The better official is not always elected under this; it's just who could dig up the most trash on the opponent.
Andrew Jackson was not a failure.He tended not to deter away from problems; he addressed them and took them head on.Jackson confronting of the actions of South Carolina. They nullified a law passed by congress, and this was an unconst…

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