Andrew Jackson is widely regarded as one of the most popular Presidents in United States history.While his Presidency was certainly well-intentioned, Jackson's negative aspects have lasted longer than many of his positive ones.Considering all aspects of the administration, Jackson's years in office can be fairly described as detrimental to the country.Jackson's programs were introduced and could have been successful had they been executed properly.Jackson held federal principles very close to him, and those principles were evident in every major decision he made.
Jackson, as a strict constructionist, did not believe in doing anything the Constitution did not expressly allow.However, he was very fond of using his Presidential powers to the fullest, even to points of corruption and illogic.Jackson's "spoils system" could, at most, have very few benefits.The system would put loyal Democrats in high-ranking positions without demon-strating any competence for the position.Jackson was stubborn when it came to politics, as demonstrated by the Peggy Eaton affair.Jackson was extremely disappointed and furious at his Cabinet, so he promptly decided to ignore them all.He created a "Kitchen Cabinet" to discuss secure government matters with his closest friends, even though they did not necessarily have political experience.Jackson also had a fondness for using his veto power.Although vetoes are permissible to promote the best interests of the country, Jackson vetoed any bill he did not agree with.Jackson especially vetoed legislation that took power from the states or granted more power to the federal government, which was against his Democratic beliefs.Jackson's administration did not foster the growth of what was still a developing country.
Although Jackson was competent at handling foreign affairs, he haddifficulty dealing with some internal conflicts.Something …

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