Newly elected president Andrew Jackson went to Washington with a status as an intense military leader with a rough personality. He was elected mainly because he appealed to certain social groups. The South supported Jackson when he gave his opinion that the high tariffs in place were uncalled for. Jackson drew from the urban workforce and artisans because he had a unfriendly attitude toward businesses that received special privilege and had a certain mistrust for banks in general. Farmers from the Southwest and Midwest who wanted to expanded westward promoted Jackson for his obvious resentment toward Native Americans. "Equality among the people in the rights conferred by government " said Jackson, was the "great radical principle of freedom" (p.353). Throughout his presidency Jackson enhanced the influence of chief executive by creating a much more powerful presidential role.Jackson altered the image of the presidency through the Nullification Crisis, the Bank War and Indian removal.
During the Nullification Crisis of 1812, President Andrew Jackson defended the existence of the Union. The Nullification Crisis was a clash over tariffs that arose in July 1832 when Congress refused to revoke the Tariff of Abominations. They instead enacted a new tariff that kept high duties on cloth and iron. The South felt as though they were being cheated because the North was profiting as the South's expense. This led to South Carolina calling a state convention, which adopted an Ordinance of Nullification. The ordinance was based on the anonymous tract, "The South Carolina Exposition and Protest", which Vice President Calhoun, a native of the state, wrote in 1828. The ordinance acknowledged the tariffs as unacceptable, forbidding the collection of the new taxes and threatening to secede from the Union if the government made an attempt to collect them. When Calhoun admitted to the authorship of the Exposition, Ja…

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