Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States (1829-1837), was a presidential bully. He did not make decisions based on the interests of the whole nation but on his own personal benefit. Although he portrayed or possibly manipulated the citizens to believe that he was a president for the common man that was simply not the way he acted. His presidency and policies, such as the Indian Removal Act, and his part in The Second Bank of the U.S and South Carolina's Tariff, consisted of such personal opinion and were so controversial few will ever forget the reign of Andrew Jackson.
As president, he was said to be rude and uneducated, which might have led to the reasons why he was such a power hungry tyrant; but before one makes this harsh judgment they mustfirst realize the type of life that Andrew Jackson lived. It almost certainly was the main reason why his thought process was so different from the regular wealthy, educated presidents before him. The third child of Irish immigrants, Jackson was said to have a bed reputation throughout his childhood because he had a quick temper. He grew up with people who were ready to fight at any time to defend their honor. Whenever a boy played a joke on Jackson, Jackson would challenge him to a fight. As a young boy, everyone said that Jackson “never gave up”.
Andrew Jacksonfirst ran for president in 1824.His original attempt failed due to the popularity and victory of John Adams.He later claimed his own presidential victory in the election of 1829, gaining a majority of votes from the west and the south that were his great supporters.Jackson wasfirst considered a president of the people because he supported the common man and nationalism. He had a strong yet stubborn personality and for the most part began his presidential career as a well liked man.However, some Jackson supporters were not fully aware of his views and intentions.He did not fear the use and enfo…

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