The book The Jacksonian Era by Robert V. Remini is a book in which the military, and political career of President Andrew Jackson is discussed rarely briefly, but also rather thoroughly on many of Jackson's most valuable achievements.Andrew Jackson was a man who built his reputation by achieving hero status in the War of 1812.By destroying the British forces on January 8'th, 1815, Jackson was looked at as a national hero because the Americans had never beat the British in a battle during the American Revolution like they did in the Battle of New Orleans.As the war ended, Jackson's popularity was very high and like the war hero of the American Revolution, George Washington, he expressed interest in going for the presidency.In the election of 1824, Jackson had won the popular vote and more electoral votes, than his opponent, John Quincy Adams, but unfortunately due to the influence of House Speaker Henry Clay, the electors voted for John Quincy Adams.A very upset Jackson condemned the victory, but immediately prepared for the election of 1828, in which he won a very one-sided election over President Adams.As president, he had many problems, such as the Native Americans, the Bank of the United States, and slavery.
Robert Remini really explained Jackson's policies towards these major issues very clearly in this book.One of Remini's major strengths is his ability to give such accurate information about these issues.For example, in chapter 3, Remini talks about Jackson's policies towards the "removal" of the Native Americans that were east of the Mississippi River.He talked about all the tribes that cooperated with this, and the tribes that rebelled against the act of removal.Remini also talked about the hard fought battles on the frontier to remove the Natives westward.He also gave a brief description about the "Trail of Tears" in which about 4,00

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