Everyone encounters an impediment from beginning to end in the life cycle. Some choose
to renounce, while others comply with the present and what lies ahead. Many obstacles were
imposed upon Andrew Johnson, his poverty, lack of education, and impeachment , yet he never
overlooked his beliefs for a single moment. President Andrew Johnson is truly a heroic character
on the account of overcoming these barriers and fulfilling his objective, not onceneglecting his
identity. President Andrew Johnson, was truly a hero.
The start of the full length heroic chronology of Andrew Johnson began on December 29,
1808 on a very cold, and dark night in Raleigh, North Carolina to Mary"Polly" McDonough and
Jacob Johnson. Both Parents were uneducated working folks who just managed to put food on the
table. At the age of three Andrew experienced the lost of his father due to a heroic attempt which
cost him his life. Polly was now left with no husband, no money, and two small boys, which forced
her to take up spinning and weaving to barely get by. Living in a small strictly class oriented town
Andrew grew up resenting the rich for their unearned luxury and the blacks for the competition they
As a result of poverty Andrew never received formal education. At the early age of 13
he sat with apprentices for hours at a time and learned the tailor's trade. The hours were long
and the work sometimes tedious, yet Andy was a fast learner, truly efficient. But more than
anything it was the reading of some customers while receiving service which kept him tied to his
seat. At the shop Andrew mainly heard speeches by American and British statesmen which stirred
up live discussions between clients greatly expanding Andy's knowledge. As a result, Andy taught
himself slowly to read putting himself in a whole new world of ideas.
Andrew being a young boy was very playful, yet who knew just a …

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