The age of Romanticism is characterized by the need for emotions and communication of feelings. The artwork of the period emphasizes sentimentality and passion, the use of imagination, and creativeness. There is sympathy towards the environment and towards the person being more nature-involved. Romantic artwork brought back the forgotten medieval epoch while augmenting elements of feeling. In music, exotic and remarkable symphonies were created under the influence of Romantic ideas. Many composers of the period were inspired by poetry that had been written. In sculpture as well, artists were able to use their imagination and work free of past carvings that may have, at one point, been thought to be competition. Romanticism placed a large emphasis on a person's individuality; man was thought to be good-natured.
William Wordsworth is one of the most recognized poets of the Romantic era. He strongly asserted feeling into his writing which keeping it serene. According to Wordsworth, a poet is a reflective man who recollects his emotion in tranquility. In his "Anecdote for Fathers", Wordsworth portrays the characteristics of Romanticism. He glorifies beauty and the importance of nature. The poem itself describes the point of view of a father who has been strongly influenced by his child's thoughts. The clear yet detailed description gives the reader a good idea about the setting. (In the Romantic era, a descriptive setting would have been a foremost element of the text.) "The green earth echoed to the feet of lambs that bounded through the glade, From shade to sunshine, and as fleet From sunshine back to shade."
This description of the setting is vivid and depicts the real image. The poem takes place with surroundings of the beautiful country. There is a conflict in the poem as to where the boy wanted to live versus where the father wanted to. Both locations, Kilve and the Liswyn farm, are illustrated to…

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