Back in the times of the Anglos and Vikings, myths and many different fantasies were told of the beginning and the end; creation and death were the most popular. These people explain the gaps between how and why of life to everybody in the ways they knew best. They used "Oral Tradition" as a way to communicate these problems and such. They would communicate using their myths, songs and legends. The popular place for these oral traditions were in the "mead-halls". The problem with Oral tradition was that it would be passed person to person and myths and stories would be changed around, and no one in these days knows the "ORIGINAL" stories.
In the Anglo-Saxon times Oral Tradition were told in riddles, songs, poetry and even in adventure tales. The stories and myths were focused on gods, heroes and warriors. They were at the top in the Anglos society. A very important god of the Anglos was Woden, according to them he was hung on a tree for nine days and nights and was pierced by a spear and in that he found wisdom, the secret of runes. Bilbo Baggins a Hobbit that is well respected in his town because he takes no risks and leaves safely at home. He faced many monsters that were very powerful, but he would use his clever mind to get him out of trouble. He found courage and gained lots of respect from others.

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