What characteristics are necessary in our society today?Does society think that valor, selflessness, or loyalty is important?In Anglo-Saxon times those characteristics were what held their people together and without them their society would perish.Some people over look the benefits of having those characteristics and they are not always important to everyone, but for the most part, they are very necessary in our society.
Selflessness means that instead of worrying or caring about oneself all the time a person does things for others.If a person is selfless they are willing to put their own needs aside and even may jeopardize their own safety for another.There are too many people in this world thinking about only their own well being.It is necessary to have people who devote their lives to helping others; otherwise we as a society would never survive.There is always a need for nurses, health care professionals and specialized doctors who like to help others in need.
The next characteristic necessary to society is Loyalty.Loyalty is when a person is totally devoted to a place, person, thing, or religion and even when everything is against him for being devoted that person does not stray.There are some exceptions but for the most part many people in society today would not be willing to give up there life for our country.
Back in the Anglo-Saxon days loyalty is what held a clan together.All the people would fight and defend until the death.Like the Anglo-Saxons many individuals in the Army, Navy, and Air Force are fighting for the United States every day.They are willing to give up everything they have to keep this country safe.That is being loyal.It's necessary for our society today to have the military and other people devoted to the United States because otherwise our country would fall apart.
Lastly, valor means being brave and having courage.If our society didn't have valor we would…

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